Astrological Choices – What Can Be Charted?

In previous articles I began simple explanations for understanding astrological charting. My overall intention is to slowly but surely identify the basics of astrology charting so that anyone can understand it. I have already explained the difference between Tropical and Sidereal Astrology (western and eastern) and Geocentric and Heliocentric Astrology. Now I want to go over what can be charted. Just how many types of astrological charts are available for our use? Having said that, I’ve been studying astrology a very long time and I know of many chart uses, but I doubt that I know all of them. I run into new applications of astrology every day. So here is a beginning to our what can be charted list.

If you have read or studied astrology at all, you already know that you can chart the life of a person and that is called a natal chart. But you are not limited to charting a person and you are not limited to the use of a natal chart only. When a litter of kittens was born in my house, it seemed natural to cast a chart, or rather four charts, one for each kitten. Born close together in time, the kittens had very different outcomes to their lives just as people do. One little guy met his doom fairly quickly. One was given to a good friend and had a wonderful, pampered life. Two stayed with me for many years; one died at age 11, the other at age 19. A difference of a few minutes of birth time gave very different outcomes. Years ago I took a workshop from a well-known astrologer who raised thoroughbred racehorses. She used the charts to determine which horses would make the best long-term investment.

Many astrologers use their skills to gamble just as any other human. A friend had a horse-betting system that to me just didn’t live up to its hype astrologically. Another friend bet on the dog races. A couple of years ago I had a client who had won well over $100,000 in three days and wanted a repeat. I plotted and planned but did not see a similar energy pattern to her earlier win. There are astrological gambling books available if you are interested, just be cautious and do a little practicing before you commit. While not billed as gambling, financial and stock trading is a major category for some very successful astrological investors. I personally believe that this is a form of gambling; but if done astrologically, you should have a much better chance of winning. You do have to pay attention to the continually changing patterns. Once I purchased a penny stock at 50ยข a share, which thrillingly climbed to $10 a share in a very short time. I went on vacation, wasn’t paying attention and came home to an outright, bottom of the barrel loss. This is not an area of entertainment. That is not the stock market’s problem, that’s the problem of my own lack of attention. When you put cash or credit on the line, you must know what you are doing and you must stay focused to prevent disaster. Know what you are doing first and pay attention!

You can chart a company, an event, a country, an illness or whatever else you choose. Whatever begins in a moment of time can be mapped. The question would be ‘do you have the skill to interpret that chart?’ A chart of the moment an illness begins can show both the severity of the illness itself and its potential progress. Charts are often erected for the start of surgery (especially elective surgery) or a treatment, or for the birth of a child. This is a risky one that should not tackled unless you have developed the skill and have the experience to do so. Once upon a time, medical doctors were also astrologers. More recently this application is frowned upon as are many old common medical practices. I personally believe that a medical doctor or a psychologist with additional skill as an astrologer could really be better at what they do. Astrology is a useful tool. It can work hand in hand with medical training but should never be considered a replacement. A time can be chosen for the start of an action or an event prior to the action or event itself. That is called an election chart. Previously I mentioned a medical choice or a stock market trade. There are cycles within cycles and there are times that are better than others for starting an action such as opening a company, negotiating a deal, signing a contract, planting a garden, cutting your hair, proposing or getting married, etc. Our lives are filled with beginnings and we want to choose the best timing and the best circumstances for the best possible outcome.

A chart can be cast for any question on any subject and that is called a horary, which means ‘of the hour.’ There are times when the chart indicates the question was asked too soon or too late and the answer is either already known or not ready to be known. This is true! If you lost an object and were desperate to find it, you would ask a clear question and then read the answer in the chart. Even map directions are possible and this type of charting is excellent for timing. The lost can be mapped and found and mysteries can be explored. Again, this is not for the faint-hearted… skill is required. Charts can be cast for two people in a relationship (or three or more) and compared. Two additional charts can be cast for the relationship itself, the composite and the relationship chart. I have covered the basics of relational charting in a separate article: Relationships: An Astrological Look at Possibilities. Charts for a group such as a band or a family are possible, very involved but still possible. Again, it takes skill to read it, but it is not truly difficult. A chart can be cast for the start of a job, for the relationship between boss and employee or between co-workers. A chart can be cast for the start of a company, for an incorporation of that same company, for the release of an IPO for that company, for a merger or a hostile takeover for that same company and finally for the demise of that company. These latter maps are of the journey of what began in a moment of time, a business. For my own purposes I used the birth of social security to map what was occurring currently to that energy pattern. That is a major part of today’s news stories.

All of this and myriad other possibilities exist in potential as a chart. There are charts for weather patterns, for migration patterns, for natural or man-made disasters. I personally have done the charts for the Challenger and Columbia shuttle disasters, the Chernobyl melt-down and explosion, the death of Princess Diana, 9/11, airline disasters, the collapse of the Clearwater/St. Petersburg, FL bridge, the development and use of the A-bomb, the rise of the latest pandemic (H1N1), too many to list. I’ve also charted many good events such as the birth of our country, successful space shots, the selection of the current Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and charts of many spiritual leaders, celebrities, sports figures, and people from all walks of life I’ve mentioned a couple of charts that go past the point of the beginning we call a natal. The journey itself can be mapped at any given moment of time, for any event, and even for the end of time for that energy pattern. Most astrologers won’t map death, but it is possible. There are so many techniques and methods they are too numerous to list such as Solar, Lunar or Planetary returns.

The sky seems to be the limit. For these ongoing charts, clients usually want to know currently one of three major areas in their lives. Most questions asked are about career/finance, health, or relationships, and all can be mapped. The use of method falls to the eastern/western choice. The type of map depends on the use and information you want of that map. Charting itself is never-ending, unlimited in potential, animal, vegetable, mineral or any other category you choose. Such charting will always be dependent on accuracy of the basic information, chart construction, the skill of the reader and the acceptance of the information generated. This is human-to-human interpretation, subject to human-to-human receptivity, but all is possible if you have the skill and are prepared to study the science.