Fun With Growth Charts

Growth among kids is both crucial but nonetheless exciting to monitor. Children ages from five to adolescence are more prone to growth gap hence as parents, the responsibility still lies on you to help them reach a normal level. And the first step you need to do is to monitor their physical growth through hanging growth charts.

Health care providers even use growth charts to help evaluate the physical growth of children and adolescents. It helps them assess whether the growth of the child is at normal pace to immediately observe whether something is wrong with the physical growth of the child.

Hanging growth charts are like a long, usually wooden, wall-hanged height-measuring tool. Having hanging growth charts inside your home will aid you on personally monitoring the growth of your child. It will also encourage your child to be more aware on checking their height development. Hanging growth charts are fun way to make your kids conscious to their growth and to their health as well.

They are also good artwork pieces since they are usually decorated with colorful designs. Many parents loved making it as a decorative piece in their kids’ bedroom.

They are usually made of hand painted canvas on genuine wood frame. The designs can be like a Personalized Sesame Gang Wooden, Growing on the Farm, Mermaids Canvas, Butterfly Garden Personalized Chart, Howdy Cowboy Canvas Chart, Bear Story Hour Canvas Chart or a Radiant Flowers Canvas Chart.

However, most parents preferred personalized growth charts where the name of their child can be hand scribed on it. A personalized chart is one way of telling the kids to be fond of monitoring their own height. They last for many years and later on make a fine keepsake and adornment to the child’s room even as they grow up.

Aside from a personalized charts, there are also charts that also serve as a multifunctional clothes stand. This type is good gifts especially to kids and new moms since they are indeed functional.

Personalized growth charts are creative way to design your kids’ room. It will not only boost your kids’ health awareness but it can also be one of the fun activities that you can do together.

On the other hand, it is of importance to select the theme of the canvas, or the design of the chart, matched to the theme of the kids’ room. Also, the design should influence the interest or will induce the kids to monitor their height. Thus, if they are fond of animals, a zoo inspired chart will surely work well for them. Or if they want some animated designs or some barn type or mermaids or flowers. There is variety of designs so there is little to worry about choosing something you do not like.

Another good news is that growth charts are much affordable than having your child go see the pediatricians just for some measuring activity that can be easily done home, yet, if any problem comes out then its time to see the doctor.