How to Export A Chart From Microsoft Excel to Microsoft PowerPoint

Excel is a powerful yet easy to use spreadsheet program. In many cases, Excel charts can be created to visually display complex information to the users. Excel 2010 has powerful new features to create impressive charts. When you want to present just the Excel chart and not the entire dataset to the audience, then the Microsoft PowerPoint application can be the right choice to do so. While PowerPoint has its own set of features to draw charts, it would be very difficult and time consuming to draw the charts in the PowerPoint slide that are already in the Excel workbook. As such it would be wise decision to export the charts from the Excel program to the PowerPoint program, or you could import the charts from the Excel program into the PowerPoint program. Either way will save you a considerable amount of time and effort.

Copy the Excel chart and paste it into a PowerPoint slide. To do this, follow the instructions below:

• Open the Excel file that contains the Excel chart. Go to the specific sheet and select the chart.

• From the Clipboard group of the Home tab choose Copy and click on it.

– You can also press the CTRL + C keys simultaneously.

• The chart is copied to the clipboard. Now go to the PowerPoint presentation.

• Open the PowerPoint presentation and select the slide where you want to paste the chart.

• From the Clipboard group of the Home tab choose Paste and click on it.

– For the keyboard shortcut press the CTRL + V keys.

– The chart will be pasted onto the PowerPoint slide.

• A small set of Paste Option icons will appear at the bottom of the pasted chart. Different options are there, choose the suitable options that will best suite your purpose.

• To keep the data in the PowerPoint slide the same as the data in the Excel workbook the chart should be linked to the source data. To link the chart in the PowerPoint slide to the Excel workbook select the option “Chart (linked to Excel data)” in the PowerPoint application. To view the chart as a static image, choose the ‘Paste as Picture’ option. To keep the original format, choose the option Keep Source Formatting. You can also choose the Use Destination Theme option to paste and format the chart by using the destination theme.

• To present the chart in a different design, its design can be changed by going to the design tab and clicking on the style form from the chart styles option.

• To view the chart as a motionless image you can use the Picture format and it will show a better quality image than the standard Bitmap format.

You can insert charts from an existing Excel workbook. You need not to recreate the chart in the PowerPoint presentation. You can import it from the Excel worksheet. Steps to do so are as follows –

• Open the PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you want to insert the chart.

• After activating the slide, go to the Insert tab and select the Object button from the Text group and click on it.

• For creating a new chart choose the Create New button. As for example for creating a new excel chart choose the MS Office Excel Chart.

• For inserting a chart which is already in an excel worksheet, click on the button Create from file, then click ok.

• Click on the Browse button and navigate to the file where the chart is. Select the file and click ok.

• There is a link box, click it if it is needed to keep a connection to the source file. Then click ok.

• Without pasting the chart one can display it as an icon. To do this, check the Display as icon check box then click ok.

• The icon of an excel workbook will be appeared on the slide. Drag it to the position where you want to set it.

• Resize and position the chart in the source file if necessary.

Among the above two processes, the first one is better. To know more about the procedures you should search the help files which are associated with the Excel program. You may want to speak with an Excel consultant for more specific details. There are many procedures and tips and tricks for different tasks in different versions of Microsoft programs on the internet. Visit the site and click on the program with which your problem is related to, then find out the required topics. This will certainly help you to solve your problem.

Excel consultant help for Business.

Medical Coding Jobs From Home

Working from home and being paid well for it is a goal of many individuals. While searching out ways to accomplish this goal many have stumbled upon a niche field in medical administration called “medical coding”.

Medical coding positions are present in hospitals, physician offices, insurance companies, home health agencies, and just about anywhere medical services are being provided and billed for. In addition to traditional hourly employment in this field there are also a number of opportunities to do this type of work from the comfort of your own home.

A standard, hourly, medical coding job is what is usually advertised in the classifieds and help wanted ads. These positions usually require individuals to be present at a specific location, punch a time clock, etc. Employees are usually paid at an hourly rate and receive benefits such as paid vacation, health insurance, and paid holidays.

In contrast, most work from home medical coding jobs are contract positions. This means that a larger company who has multiple clients farm out the work into smaller portions on an individual basis. Individual medical coders who are awarded a portion of this work are called independent contractors and are considered self employed.

Most often an independent contractor will agree to receive a specified amount of work each week, code it within a specific time frame, maintain a certain accuracy standard, and in return are usually paid on a “per. chart coded” basis. While such positions usually do not include benefits such as paid vacation, medical insurance, and paid holidays it does offer an extremely flexible schedule and the ability to work from home, which saves on travel, attire, and other related expenses.

An independent contractor can expect companies that award coding contracts to provide the work and coding software while they will be responsible for providing the computer hardware, internet connection, and medical coding books. Independent contractors are also responsible for withholding their own taxes since their payments are made on their gross earnings. At year end individuals will receive a 10-99 instead of a W-2 and will need to file schedule 1040. This can also be a benefit since work related expenses such as coding books, internet, computer, etc. can be considered a tax deduction.

Most independent contraction positions are available for a specific specialty, such as pediatrics, emergency medicine, or dermatology. These positions normally require that contractors hold either a CPC or CCS coding credential and have a minimum of three years of coding within their specialty.

Each coding specialty has its own bar rate and standard pay rate. These are important to know when discussing a contract. For example, when coding emergency medicine the standard bar rate 25 charts an hour and the average pay rate is between.65 and.75 cents per. chart for professional coding. Based on these numbers and an average work week of 40 hours (for full time) or 20 hours (for part time) an independent contractor can choose the number of charts to contract for each week based on their own speed.

For example, individuals who code the standard 25 charts an hour and only wish to work 4 hours per day (that’s a 20 hour week) should contract for 500 charts per week and could expect to gross between $352 and $375 each week. The faster an individual can code the more money they can make, so an individual who can code 50 charts per hour can either choose to contract for full time work and receive full time earnings while working only part time hours, or they can choose to contract for a large number of charts and increase their earnings.

While speed is important to an independent contractor’s earning potential accuracy is equally important. Most companies who award coding contracts stipulate that the medical coder must maintain a certain accuracy in their coding in order to keep their contract. The accuracy rate usually falls between 96% – 99%. Charts coded by the medical coder are routinely audited by the company to ensure their rates are being maintained.

Prior to being considered for a work from home medical coding job there are several things one must do. The first is to earn either a CPC or CCS coding credential. While there are multiple coding credentials that are awarded by numerous organizations these are the only two that are commonly recognized among employers nationwide.

The CPC stands for Certified Professional Coder, and is awarded by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The second credential, the CCS, stands for Certified Coding Specialist and it is awarded by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Each of the two credentials can be earned by sitting for and passing the 5 – 6 hour coding exam. Proper education prior to sitting for either exam is strongly encouraged and selecting the right organization to prepare you should be done carefully.

Once an individual has earned either their CPC or CCS credential the next achievement should be to gain some on the job coding experience. This is required by most companies that award independent coding contracts. It is also more beneficial for a medical coder to start out this way as well.

Succeeding as an independent contractor is dependent upon both speed and accuracy and a new coder will be neither. It is best to earn an hourly paycheck when starting out when you can code as slow as you need to and you are able to ask as many questions as you may have to.

Once an individual has gained two to three years of on the job medical coding experience they will be considered for most independent coding contract positions. The next step is to find such companies that offer these types of positions or contracts.

Most internet searches for “at home medical coding jobs” and “medical coding jobs from home” usually return more solicitation or articles than job leads. It is better to use search phrases such as “medical coding independent contractor” or “remote medical coding jobs”. Attending local AAPC chapter meetings is also a good way to hear of such opportunities from the local coding community. In addition, an individual may try calling medical coding organizations and ask if the positions they are hiring for have the ability to become remote.

Examples of some companies who hire independent medical coding contractors are avia code, maxim health information services, and med data.

Stress Less About Parenting With Online Growth Charts

Every parent worries over his or her baby’s growth. It is an inevitable part of raising children thus many of us probably have some form of growth chart at home. There are quite a number of cute, lengthy posters that help you measure your baby’s height as he grows. Of course, even with this kind of evidence right before your very eyes, doubts can still enter your mind. Is my baby growing as he should be? Is his height normal? Now, for most parents, finding out your baby’s weight often takes place in his doctor’s office whenever you go for a regular check-up. And sometimes, life just gets in the way and you miss one or more of those visits. While your child may not look gaunt, you may still feel yourself worrying if he’s eating right and putting on the weight that he should be gaining.

Comments from family members, relatives, and friends can make these concerns worse. Unfortunately, you can’t go rushing to the doctor just to ask if his height and weight are normal every time you find yourself thinking about those comments or even asking yourself those very same questions. Thankfully, technology has made it a bit easier for parents these days to keep track of their baby’s growth through the invention of an online growth chart. With an online growth chart, such as the baby weight percentile, not only will parents be able to track their baby’s progress but also alleviate their concerns regarding how that progress compares to the World Health Organization’s standards.

Growth percentile charts like the baby weight percentile allows parents to learn how their baby compares to children of the same age who live in optimal growth environments. These growth charts are quite easy to use. Parents will only need to enter in their baby’s weight or height and birthday to get the answer that they need. The best thing about these types of growth charts are that you don’t need to visit the doctor every time you want to know about your baby’s progress in this aspect. And you also don’t need to pay for any online tool or app to do so. There are plenty of sites that offer to do the calculating and charting for you.

Aside from online growth charts, you can also use a growth chart widget that you can embed in your own blog, enabling not only you to have access to such a tool but also your readers. One of the great features of this widget, aside from its accessibility, is the ability for the users to download or print a copy of the growth chart results. This way, you can have your own copy that you can take to your doctor to discuss or just have it in store to help you monitor any changes in the results that you may want to know about. Another feature of the widget is that you can choose what type of growth percentile chart you want to include in your site. You can opt to have only the baby weight percentile or you can also include the baby height percentile. You can choose between the US and the metric system for your measurements. You can also choose the size of the calculator as well as the language you want it to use.

Whether you end up using an online growth chart or getting a growth chart widget that you can share with the world, or at least your readers, having such a tool at hand will definitely help ease a lot of your stress and worry about your child’s growth. And if anyone happens to give a negative comment once more about your child’s height or weight, you can simply show her your chart results and be happy in knowing that you won’t hear anything more from that corner.