Stress Less About Parenting With Online Growth Charts

Every parent worries over his or her baby’s growth. It is an inevitable part of raising children thus many of us probably have some form of growth chart at home. There are quite a number of cute, lengthy posters that help you measure your baby’s height as he grows. Of course, even with this kind of evidence right before your very eyes, doubts can still enter your mind. Is my baby growing as he should be? Is his height normal? Now, for most parents, finding out your baby’s weight often takes place in his doctor’s office whenever you go for a regular check-up. And sometimes, life just gets in the way and you miss one or more of those visits. While your child may not look gaunt, you may still feel yourself worrying if he’s eating right and putting on the weight that he should be gaining.

Comments from family members, relatives, and friends can make these concerns worse. Unfortunately, you can’t go rushing to the doctor just to ask if his height and weight are normal every time you find yourself thinking about those comments or even asking yourself those very same questions. Thankfully, technology has made it a bit easier for parents these days to keep track of their baby’s growth through the invention of an online growth chart. With an online growth chart, such as the baby weight percentile, not only will parents be able to track their baby’s progress but also alleviate their concerns regarding how that progress compares to the World Health Organization’s standards.

Growth percentile charts like the baby weight percentile allows parents to learn how their baby compares to children of the same age who live in optimal growth environments. These growth charts are quite easy to use. Parents will only need to enter in their baby’s weight or height and birthday to get the answer that they need. The best thing about these types of growth charts are that you don’t need to visit the doctor every time you want to know about your baby’s progress in this aspect. And you also don’t need to pay for any online tool or app to do so. There are plenty of sites that offer to do the calculating and charting for you.

Aside from online growth charts, you can also use a growth chart widget that you can embed in your own blog, enabling not only you to have access to such a tool but also your readers. One of the great features of this widget, aside from its accessibility, is the ability for the users to download or print a copy of the growth chart results. This way, you can have your own copy that you can take to your doctor to discuss or just have it in store to help you monitor any changes in the results that you may want to know about. Another feature of the widget is that you can choose what type of growth percentile chart you want to include in your site. You can opt to have only the baby weight percentile or you can also include the baby height percentile. You can choose between the US and the metric system for your measurements. You can also choose the size of the calculator as well as the language you want it to use.

Whether you end up using an online growth chart or getting a growth chart widget that you can share with the world, or at least your readers, having such a tool at hand will definitely help ease a lot of your stress and worry about your child’s growth. And if anyone happens to give a negative comment once more about your child’s height or weight, you can simply show her your chart results and be happy in knowing that you won’t hear anything more from that corner.